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96 Accord vs 93 240sx

Every sunday night i meet up with a bunch of guys (maybe 16 cars worth) and we hang out, after hanging out we all drive down to the local bridge and park in the lot just before it.
there we hold the weekly races. mind you this is at 12am-whenever we want to leave so nobody is on the road except for the occassional cop or semi. this guy with a stock low end 240sx has been bugging me to race him. because he wanted a car that was more his match (as most of the cars out there are cobras, lt1s, and fast as fuck imports I'm talking we have a Mirage that comes out that is a 10second car.)
well tonight i finally agree that sure I'll race him why the hell not, I'm feeling lucky. first off his car has almost identical stats when it comes to horses and pounds of torque. and his car is 100lbs (about) lighter than me. hatchback vs sedan.
well we pull onto the bridge and take the first from a dig (a stop)
off the line we are neck to neck then as i pull into 2nd i begin to pull just a tad on him. again 3rd i pull a tid bit more. everytime i shift the gear he pulls a bit on me due to the fact his is automatic but loses it quickly. finally in 4th he stays just about my rear passenger door and doesn't gain or lose any. think we topped at 90mph.
2nd run we pull the speed down to 20mph because he wants it from a roll. well i manage to get my tranny into 1st gear rolling at 20 and again we launch. off the line i kill him and through every shift but he stays near my rear door/quarter panel.
we pull to the end of the bridge and make our uturn. here we line up again from a roll about 20mph and launch. again I have him. 1st gear, shift to 2nd hear, shift to 3rd gear. then as I pull into 4th gear i miss and end up reving it up to like 5k. he quickly pulled on me needless to say and pulls maybe les than a quarter ahead. i slam it back into 4th gear and just push her until i pull about nose to nose then a tad bit ahead maybe an 1/8 of a car length .and we stayed here until i shut it down.
the 4th run we again went from a dig but it was terrible...i had a terrible launch and he had one of his better. off the line he jumps a car length ahead. as i slam into 2nd i begin to pull on him maybe getting to his quarter panel. into 3rd and I pull a bit more and about door side with him. here i shut it down knowing that there was no way I could pull on him.
we pulled back into our lot exchanged good words and shook hands. so I'd say I didn't do to bad considering its a i4 sohc sedan. 3 out of 4..yeah I'm happy

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nice. sucks on the luach but that will get you everytime.
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got a video of it actually check it out

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