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civic rad in a 4th gen lude

this is pretty much for those palnning to boost and need room for the turbo set up.

what you'll need:
-civic radiator from 92-96 or 97-00
-civic radiator fan from matching year (i'm not sure whether there's any
differences between them, but just to make sure)
-civic lower radiator hose
-10mm ratchet and/or open-ended wrench
-power drill and bits
-new coolant (not needed, i used my old coolant)
-common sense

-take off lower splash sheild, held in with 6-8 bolts (don't forget one in
each wheel well)
-undo radiator cap
-drain coolant into bucket by turning the drain valve on the bottom of rad.
-take out the 4 bolts holding the 2 rad. brackets on the top of the rad.
-take out the 2 bolts holding the AC line bracket on, and remove the bracket.
-shake radiator to drain excess coolant.
-slide coolant reservior off of battery housing.
-take off upper rad. hose by sliding the spring hose clamps down hose and
prying the ends of the hosing off w/ a flathead
-unclip the 4 connectors for the fans.
-undo the spring hose clamp on the lower rad. hose on the end attached to
the block.

-take a beer break

-slide the lower rad. hose under the AC lines so you will be able to pull
the radiator out.
-pull the radiator out.
-spill excess coolant onto self.
-take 4 bolts off the prelude rad. and fan assembly, and use them to
attach the civic fan to the radiator.
-take reservior off prelude assembly, put onto civic assem.
-lower civic rad. + fan into car, and place on the left-side radiator support.
-use one of the stock radiator brackets to hold the civic rad. on. you should be able to line the left hole in the bracket up with one of the holes for the AC line bracket on the rad support, but your gonna hafta drill out the second hole.
-take the civic rad. hosing. one end should be bent perfectly to be able to use as the entire upper rad hose. figure out which end you can attach to the top hose nipple on the rad and to the end on the block. trim excess hose.
-put stock PRELUDE lower rad. hosing on, but only attach to the block. see how the other end bends away from the lower nipple on the radiator?? trim about 3-4 inches off the hosing. cut a 5-6 inch section off the remaining civic hose, and attach into prelude hosing via silicone glue, hose clamps, whichever you prefer.
-make sure all ends of radiator hosing are secured good with hose clamps.
-make sure drain valve is CLOSED. on mine, i had to spin it all the way OUT to close it, not IN like i thought. this resulted in spilling a couple ounces of coolant
-fill coolant
-put rad cap on
-wedge the coolant reservior on the right side of the rad, in between the thick cross member on the bottom, and the AC condenser.

final product:
93 Si H23vtec......soon to be 12lbs
95 Civic EX....automatic DD

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Old 12-14-2006, 06:31 PM   #2
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um... just saw this, is that radiator big enough for the engine? i think the h23 and h22's get a bigger one than the f22 preludes, so the f-serise radiator isnt even enough for the stock motor according to honda?
Black Vtec Prelude-h22a power'd

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It is good tutorial which help me to solve my AC line bracket and It is simple to follow and making.
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