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One for the ladies

Ok girls...enough is enough. This is, of course, not directed at any ladies on this forum...I'm speaking in generalities (but if you take something away from this, more power to you). For as much as women like pretend that they take the high ground when it comes to matters of life and love, they sure do shovel a lot of bullshit. Every little ladies poll I've ever read that pertains to what women look for in a man is a flat out lie...at least on the surface. First and second are always sense of humor and intelligence. Horseshit. If that were true I'd be living like Caligula since I've got both in spades. No...the real truth is that when women are at a bar not one has ever said "hey check out the brain on that guy". This is a particularly interesting observation since looks are usually much farther down the list in said polls. You say you want a nice, sweet guy who'll listen to you when in reality it's always the leather wearing alcoholics who you end up going home with. Fucking mind games. I propose to all women that they just tell us what the fuck they want up front. If you wanna date a prick, I can be a prick...just know that I'll probably treat you with little respect since you don't seem to have much for yourself. If you want me to be myself, that's great too. Just don't tell me you wish you could find a guy "just like me" when no one is more like ME than ME.

As an interesting post script (that's "P.S." to the rest of you), if you're one of those guys who'll be an ass just to get some and who'll tell me I'm only writing this out of sexual frustration, save your breath and go contract herpes (trust me, that's just a ticking clock...not an "if" but a "when"). You're probably right...but fucking everything that moves won't make me happy. If your self confidence is so low that you need to get a girl naked to feel good about yourself, good for you. In the long run it will make you hollow, vapid, and meaningless. You really think your future wife will put up with that kind of bullshit? The one that really matters won't deal with your shit. So, in that respect, good luck.
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