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Yet another exhaust thread

I know there is plenty of information already on the forums, i have been reading it for a while, but this thread aims to something a bit different.

I need to buy a full/catback exhaust system, to be Paired with the Toda Style 4-2-1 header on my Civic B16a2 engine, it currently also has a sk2 pro intake with a 70mm throttle body. so of course, exhaust is next.

We are aiming for no more than 400-500usd for the whole system, and looking for a 60mm piping (2.25" or so) as this is a NA build and will remain the same, and we want to focus on performance, not sound, but decent quality is also required.

1. Tanabe T70017 Medalion Touring Cat-Back Exhaust System
So far my first and current option, looks like the quality is #1 and the performance is good. And it is not as expensive as i tough it was.
2. Skunk MegaPower Exhaust System
This seems to be the most common option used and looks decent, but I am a bit worried about the sound and the muffler dimensions, even with the silencer? i also read it is a bit overpriced for the product.
3.Greedy Evo / Evo II
This seems to be like the 1st choice, but apparently it is a discontinued product and not longer for sale, at least thats what the Greedy website states.
And they do not currently have any product available for the Civic 96-00 sedans, its all TBD ???
4. Apexi N1
I heard a lot from them but honestly i didnt found any store that sells their product nor the price (brand new) nor if it comes with the whole piping of its just the muffler.
Basically, no idea what to expect here, need more feedback
5. Magnaflow
Should i ever consider any of their options????
What would you choose or use, and why? any feedback is appreciated as it will help me make my decision.

Please bear in mind we are aiming for performance, not sound, but we yet don't want a loud car just for the sake of sound, as quiet as possible.
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I have no idea.
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