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Much like the coming storage upgrade OSRS is becoming to POHs

This old chestnut mare has been ridden into the floor. Yes OSRS takes less to develop, but that's not and never has been an excuse. Not wanting is just a case of laziness whatever the source. They simply announced a new building method in the fashion of dimensions of Safecracking in today's Q&A Livestream. I believe they also told us they are hiring and outsourcing a lot of devs. Some are beginning as soon as a week, if MTX really matters then it's a good cause for more hiring.

Much like the coming storage upgrade OSRS is becoming to POHs

No point in having a bigger team if you can't get shit from the doorway. Dude it's such fun content too, I've done like 50 in my ironman and really enjoyed it. Im half sure they had a bunch of it devved before poll. Which honestly is kinda problematic. I wish they would do the vast majority of the work after the survey in order that they don't waste any job. Warding vietnam flashbacks kicking in.

Mahogany Homes was made in a closed environment with a single Jmod, once it passed on the polls a group went to really work on implementing it. When you look in Mahogany Homes it's not a hell of a good deal of work behind it, only requiring a couple of new versions, other than that it has reusing assets they've needed for awhile. Oh it was one of the ones made on one of those free time .

I believe they are inclined to work on stuff early if it's very likely to pass a survey or if they may use the resources elsewhere. In this case it was directly according to a popular proposal from 6 months ago so that they could suppose it'd be well received. So they need to perform a substantial quantity of the job before bringing it to the survey.

I can not confirm whether or not it's accurate, but Jagex continues to be around record dozens of occasions stating they don't put significant dev time to pre-poll content. They largely follow the suggestions and roadmap and get community input pre-poll. I'm pretty certain group ironman was announced at runefest 2017 and was likely to be released 6 weeks down the street at the latest. Idk why Jagex makes many empty promises every Runefest; it's like they make all these plans and if they get in the dev function they understand it is actually going to be a lot more work than they expected but they're fearful of being transparent with the neighborhood about it.

The details of the game information in winrsgold
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This post confuses me.
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