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Old 09-04-2006, 05:22 PM   #1
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new guy here!! looking to meet some experienced car enthusiasts!!

i just moved here from florida and down there we have a site that is pretty much the exact same set up as this forum(tamparacing.com)
i used to sell cars on there and would meet alot of people into hooking up cars and sharing helpful info to other members...i have an o3 civic si hatchback,all white,lowered but with cheap drop zone springs,it has 55,000 miles on it now and is in need of a few things,i think it will need a new clutch,suspension,plus later on i would like to turbo it..just wanna do it right...for now the most important thing to me is the ride...the camber is way off,the rear wheels look like the wheels on the rear of a 300zx nissan(in at the top/out at the bottom ( / \ )like this!..this has caused my new falken tires to wear really fast and trhe car is all over the road,scary in the rain,i was told that i need the rear camber bolts,so it can be adjusted/alligned.
my car rides really bumpy too..like alot of hopping and it didn't do this when i got the car with 7,169 miles.......i can't lie,i have ragged on the car pretty serious....popping the clutch,high reving and then shifting,down shifting and stabbing the gas...alot!!!!!
my car seemed like it was alot more responsive and took off much faster than it does now...i don't know if my clutch is bad,but i had new syncros added for a few of the gears when i got it...can't remember which gears..but not all of them,i still have to allow the car to roll a little bit before it goes completely in reverse and somtimes i can't get it in gear when driving,mostly 5th..but i can still churp 1st,2nd and sometimes 3rd
..i just need help with my car and would just love to meet up with someone that is in the area and has tools and facility to help me work on my car ..plus telll me what parts i should put on it...motor is a 2.0 k20 i-vtec
i was told this car is an ausome car to hook up and has alot of potential...i just really don't have alot of knowledge or patience to try and fix stuff myself......PLEASE HELP ME!!!!
a friend from florida told me to add a stage 2 clutch,fully covered coilovers..he said tein..but i don't know???
and he also said to flush the tranny fluid and clutch fluid in the mean time until i can afford the new clutch and suspension.....what do you guys think i should do?
thanks marc
freakygemini13@yahoo.com(got messenger too) and same email to search on myspace (got myspace im also)
hope someone that can help me will get in touch to help me out...

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wow...not too many friendly people on this forum...left two threads asking for help and not one comment or suggestion....hope it gets better..i'm DESPERATE FOR HELP WITH MY 03 CIVIC SI HATCH.....HELP HELP HELP!!!!!!!!!!
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Old 09-05-2006, 03:15 PM   #3
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welcome to the board. actually this board isnt that big. we may have x amount of users but we only have 12 or less activite.
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honda uses brass syncros in thier transmissions, and the one golden rule i have learned with honda transmissions is ifgoing to replace 1 synchro, replace them all, if not and GM synchromesh (its not a fix, its more like a band-aid(if pat was still around, it loves the stuff.)) also your camber is way out of line, and its really bumpy because of the coilovers(and your probably running a stock suspension, with just the coilover's right?)

also if you haven't checked out www.honda-tech.com check them out, they have about a billion more members than we do, and will help you out alot more than we can. now that i think about it, only one person on this board has the minivan, i mean ep3. alot of good parts can be had on ebay, just make sure you research what you want before you order.
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thanks alot dude
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