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H22 vtech vs h23vtech

Im lookin into buying a 99 h23vtech engine for my 92 cx hatchback. I have a gsr in it now. Before i take it i need to know how does the h23 vtech compare to the h22 vtech. hoping to get lots of torque out of it for now and maybe down the line ill turbo it.
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Can't really say that I've ever read anything good about the H23, however...

If you're looking for a swap that's different and cheaper, yet gives you H22A/K-series power, you might want to look into a F22A.

Bisi has been doing some great things with the F-series motors!
1988 CRX Unibody, F22A full race: 9.81 @ 139mph
2006 Insight Unibody, F22A: 9.42 @ 147mph
F22A Video: http://www.bisimoto.net/cms/index.ph...=44:news-video (9.60 pass, non-VTEC Bisimoto F22A, all motor)

Dyno Chart: http://www.bisimoto.net/forum/viewtopic.php?f=30&t=135 (403whp / 342ft/lb torque @ 17psi: non-VTEC Bisimoto Turbo F22A)

BTW, Bisi has gotten 455+ HP out of a naturally aspirated F22A!!! And, I think he runs D-series trannys in his cars, if I'm not mistaken...
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