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I raced an old school car that had a big bird on the hood (firebird I'm guessing?) it had exhaust and nice rims. I first met up with him coming out of a one lane road that goes into two lanes. I was behind him and I got in the next lane and got beside him, it took me a lil wavin but he finally nodded YES to racing and gunned it. It was pretty fast but I pulled about 2 cars once the turbo hit full boost, when I shifted I pulled about two more cars and slowed down cause we were entering the city. We went down about 4 lights and he fell behind somewhere, then all of a sudden I stop at this stop light and he pulls up right next to me. I cranked down my window real fast and said " heyyyyyy I just got this thing together and I have no idea what it'll do... race me, come on please!!!" and he was like alright. So we raced from light. I got a ton of wheel spin but I took him from end of first gear to about third (in the city limits still) so that was that. he waved and went on, i turned...

Later on that night I caught up with these 3 cars (1 old school 4 door teg with mods, del sol w/ vtec swap and mods, and a 300zx with mods) We were following a 4 runner going to race some place "safe" they claimed lol. So i was like shit i'll tag along to watch. Along the way I got lined up with the del sol at a light and completely owned it.. 3 - 4 car lengths from 1st and kept pulling harddd up to about third then I let off. we went to the road and it was nice. they raced and the del sol won. we got out of there because they had poop can mufflers and they were LOUD as hell!!!!! so we bailed quick and went to some doods house close by, talked for a bit and left (del sol followed cause he was lost haha) so we were on the highway back to the city and we raced again from about a 60mph drop. he kept up a lil better than off the start, but still I pulled 2-3 cars each gear. It was kinda gay cause when I looked down we were well past 120 (all my crx registers). I prob won't do that again ever but it wasn't to bad. highway completely clear!!! anyway yea thats my night.... I was happy...
coming soon: 1992 civic hatch with jdm d15b swap. currently automatic, switching to manual as soon as I get it.

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